Thursday, 27 September 2012


The penultimate Aretha Franklin (joke courtesy of Chris Walmsley) Mile of 2012. Crazily enough as we go toward deeper Autumn the weather for this Mile was perfect. Cool and no wind. It was such perfect conditions that Ciaran Murphy regretted not running in the end, rueing the chance to have such a lovely evening pass him by.

Thanks to Roy Reeder for taking names and Ciaran for giving half way splits.

Next week, our last run round the Fountain taking two licks of the lollipop (metaphor courtesy of Lirsty Bingham) and I need to remember to bring the box of Cadburys Roses I have to share. Lirsty Bingham I believe is bringing cake.

6:45pm meet for 7pm start. See you there!

  1. Harry Matthews 5:21 (PB remains 5:17)
  2. John Woods 5:44 (PB remains 5:41)
  3. Cristiano Bonato 5:50 (PB remains 5:37)
  4. Richard Barman 6:01 (PB remains 6:01)
  5. Hayden Matthews 6:06 (PB remains 5:51) 
  6. Rue Turner 6:18 (PB remains 6:08)
  7. Donna Richards 6:39 (PB remains 6:32)
  8. Kirsty Bangham 7:05 (PB remains 6:55)
  9. Meredith Kendall 7:15 (PB remains 7:09)
  10. Dario Paddano 7:29 PB

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