Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Phew! Well, that was as hectic and as busy as I expected and a bit more! My mind is a buzz.

Being an official event for the Marathon Talk Magic Mile we had quite a few new faces, from near and far! I think Philip Morris Jones came from Wycombe way, David Blackman came from the Southampton area and welcome to any of you who travelled some distance, many thanks for coming all this way.
Having to split the run into two waves meant that we didn't have much sunlight as we are beholden to the traffic being closed off when the gates shut, and tonight this was 8:15pm, pretty much as it got dark and there is obviously no street lighting in the park! The second wave of runners were therefore pretty much night running, but I think they all enjoyed it. Especially the youngsters amongst us, being allowed up way past their bedtime on a school night! I wish I had something like this when I was 9 years old. Hurrumph... oh well.

Huge thanks to the volunteers tonight for all their help, the turn out was the largest yet and with the territory comes a need for better logistics. Doesn't help having barely any light but we got there in the end with the times and names.
We even had one runner who wasn't part of the event go past the finish line, that's a first. Little bit of results tweaking needed to remove that additional time. It's funny to have these small inevitable things happen here that many of us have seen before hundreds of times at parkruns up and down the country.
The volunteers in question were Kirsty Bangham who gave out tokens, PSH who assisted in tokens, the 'funnel' and getting names taken down as well as Helen Mallison and bump who recorded audio and helped hold and carry paraphernalia that my hands couldn't deal with. Thank you to PSH for providing the tokens and the stopwatch as well. Huge thank you to you.
Then to the runners who doubled up in running and volunteering; Sarah "Radio 2" Dixon who took Wave 1 names down, Ciaran Murphy who took Wave 2 names, Donna Richards for halfway time calling in Wave 1, Nick Rowe for this role in Wave 2, Rue Turner who provided back up timing for Wave 1 and any other of the ensemble who provided help on the night. Thank you all. If I've forgotten anyone, I apologise and do let me know!

Huge well done to all who ran and happy-happy joy-joy to those with a PB tonight too (or equal/close to), it was PB-tastic I think the phrase goes. Weather conditions couldn't have been much more perfect. No wind, cool/warm temperatures, people being dragged to quick times by each other, just the way we like it.

Next week we are back as always, looking to start at 7:45pm now but as always it depends on the traffic and the gates being closed. It's far safer I feel to run on empty, dark, flat tarmac than well lit roads with cars on.

I think that's everything. Don't forget to log your Marathon Talk times here if you so wish!
See you next week.

* Any errors or corrections, please email me at


Wave 1
  1. Ben Gibbons 4:46 PB
  2. Roger Barr 4:48 PB
  3. David Blackman 4:51 (1st timer)
  4. Harry McCulloch 4:56 PB
  5. Sathira Don 4:58 PB
  6. Stewart Curtis 5:00 PB
  7. Jack Moran 5:06 PB
  8. Duncan Mallison 5:07 PB
  9. Will Rawling 5:15 PB
  10. Grant Russell 5:16 PB
  11. Harry Matthews 5:19 (PB remains 5:17)
  12. Philip Morris Jones 5:26 (1st timer)
  13. Steve Taylor 5:26 (1st timer)
  14. Ciaran Murphy 5:27 (PB remains 5:27)
  15. Colin Haylock 5:30 PB
  16. Martin Connor 5:32 (1st timer)
  17. Ian Haylock 5:34 PB
  18. Nick Rowe 5:36 PB
  19. Rob Jones 5:41 (PB remains 5:41)
  20. Mike Rayner 5:45 (1st timer)
  21. Michael MacNeil 5:57 (1st timer)
  22. Peter Wright 5:58 (1st timer)
  23. Neil Mitchell 6:05 (1st timer)
  24. Tim Wood 6:29 (PB remains 6:20)
Wave 2
  1. Carl Moran 5:37 (PB remains 5:26)
  2. John Woods 5:48 (PB remains 5:41)
  3. Hayden Matthews 5:51 PB
  4. Richard Lupo 5:53 (1st timer)
  5. Andy Wingate 5:56 (PB remains 5:48)
  6. Rue Turner 6:19 (PB remains 6:08)
  7. Richard Barman 6:27 (1st timer)
  8. Donna Richards 6:36 (PB remains 6:32)
  9. Fiona McNeil 6:43 (1st timer)
  10. Emily Schmidt 6:49 (1st timer)
  11. Jonathan Pegg 7:04 (1st timer)
  12. Neil Frame 7:15 PB
  13. Sarah Dixon 7:26 PB
  14. Daniel Rowe 7:27 (PB remains 7:16)
  15. Niamh McNeil 7:37 (1st timer)
  16. Jessica Rowe 7:44 PB
  17. Stephen Ferguson 7:48 (1st timer)


  1. Hi Danny. I really wanted to come last night but got stuck at work. You say "next week". Is it on every week? Thanks, Simon.

  2. Really enjoyed the run - thanks Danny

  3. Hey Danny,
    I can't believe I never knew this existed! Great blog. And now planning to see you down there one weds night soon!

    1. Hey Kev,
      been keeping it on the downlow, but will be great to see you at some point.