Thursday, 20 September 2012


I'll keep this short and sweet just like the run last night. No wind, dusk light. Thanks to John Woods for taking names and well done to Tracey Wilson for doing her first mile (with daughter Libby as support). Great to have Clan Wilson out enjoying themselves.

No PB's tonight. BOOOO!

Next week - meet at 7pm for a 7:15pm start. It will be the penultimate in this years Mile series, so get your miling in before it stops.

  1. Duncan Mallison 5:12 (PB remains 5:01)
  2. Harry Matthews 5:22 (PB remains 5:17)
  3. Roy Reeder 5:22 (PB remains 5:07)
  4. Steve Taylor 5:33 (PB remains 5:26)
  5. Dave Wilson 5:47 (PB remains 5:16)
  6. Hayden Matthews 6:11 (PB remains 5:51)
  7. Donna Richards 6:37 (PB remains 6:32)
  8. Joe Wilson 6:48 (PB remains 6:45)
  9. Kirsty Bangham 7:20 (PB remains 6:55)
  10. Tracey Wilson 9:16 (1st timer)

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