Thursday 13 September 2012


Well, I had to contribute my time to the Marathon Talk Magic Mile so as the window of opportunity was closing, I wanted to lay a time down just to contribute to Team UK. Not expecting anything better than last time, not feeling any pressure to do so, just clock an entry. That's why I ran tonight.

I was expecting a much smaller field than the previous week, which it looked like being at around 7:40pm. I popped off to powder my nose and came back to find 26.2 Road Runners Club had decided to pop on down and double the numbers! A pleasant surprise. Thanks to their Club President Joe Chang for persuading a bunch to come and try their hand at a speedy mile!

There's not many weeks left now until we will need to wrap the Arethusa Mile up for the winter and put it in a cardbox box with some hay and some lettuce and let it hibernate. I have ambitions in my head to carry on a winter style speed event in the vicinity of Bushy Park, but it won't be a mile due to sheer logistics and lack of empty well-lit mile strips in the area. Watch this space for ideas.

Huge thanks must go to Hayden Matthews for being the timer and doing a sterling role and thanks to 9 year old Libby Wilson for doing the token giving. It was unsurprisingly a scary task for such a youngster being surrounded by exhausted and eager runners to get their position!

If I'm not mistaken we also had the fastest ever Arethusa Mile time by a woman set by Katherine Wilson and was also the first ever lady under 6 minutes! In fact tonight, there were two! Some speedy ladies they have there at 26.2.

Next week the start is brought forward once again due to sundown getting earlier and will be at 7:30pm. See you then.

  1. Danny Norman 4:51 (PB remains 4:49)
  2. Jack Holland 4:58 (1st timer)
  3. Daniel Harris 5:00 (1st timer)
  4. Duncan Mallison 5:01 PB
  5. Jack Moran 5:08 (PB remains 5:06)
  6. Don Vizer 5:13 (1st timer)
  7. Roy Reeder 5:22 (PB remains 5:07)
  8. Steve Watkins 5:22 (1st timer)
  9. Harry Matthews 5:29 (PB remains 5:17)
  10. Joseph Chang 5:29 (1st timer)
  11. Ciaran Murphy 5:31 (PB remains 5:27)
  12. Carl Moran 5:34 (PB remains 5:26)
  13. Dan Hookey 5:37 (1st timer)
  14. Kevin Parker 5:40 (1st timer)
  15. Katherine Wilson 5:42 (1st timer) *LADIES RECORD*
  16. Dave Wilson 5:45 (PB remains 5:16)
  17. Jed Leicester 5:47 (PB remains 5:45)
  18. John Woods 5:47 (PB remains 5:41)
  19. David Pimm 5:49 (1st timer)
  20. Vanessa Blackburn 5:53 (1st timer)
  21. Ryan Moran 5:59 (PB remains 5:41)
  22. Michael Moran 6:00 (PB remains 5:49)
  23. Richard Barman 6:01 PB
  24. Alice Tozer 6:12 (1st timer)
  25. John Sweeney 6:26 (1st timer)
  26. Jonathan Pegg 6:31 PB
  27. Cat Gaskell 6:43 (1st timer)
  28. Joe Wilson 7:25 (PB remains 6:45)
  29. Douglas Josham 7:35 (1st timer)

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  1. Well I went 1 sec better for a season's best so I'm happy enough. Another couple of bites of the cherry should do it for me this year.