Wednesday 3 October 2012


Back on the 23rd May we kicked off the 11th Arethusa Mile and the first of 2012. Here we are after the 28th Arethusa Mile and we call it a day for the year.

It's quite strange to think this season is already over and we start to wrap ourselves up and go head first into another winter. In review, we saw a record turnout on the Magic Mile weekend, a 2 week break during arguably the greatest Olympics in history and male and female course records were set. We also had a plethora of m'ehs, boos and PBs.

Thanks as always to the helpers tonight, Kirsty Bangham who took runners names down, Sharon Rowe who was light holder and David Rowe who... did something.
Huge thanks to Kirsty too for bringing 'End of Season Ginger Cake' which is good for colds and your immune system apparently.

It's been fun hosting the Mile, it's been something I've looked forward to each Wednesday evening and patiently wait for its return next year.

In the meanwhile, I'd like to give my own little personal awards to the participants from this season of miling. This is for high consistency in turnout, enthusiasm and the help they've given.
  • Top Man: Hayden Matthews
  • Top Young Adult: Harry Matthews
  • Top Female: Kirsty Bangham
There's also people to note through the summer as little standout stories; junior runner Joe Wilson with Dad Dave, Anthony Jackson finishing first most often, Rue Turner and Jed Leicester's mini bar raising battle, The Moran family, ever improving juniors Ben Gibbons and Sathira Don, consistently consistent Donna Richards and Sean Renfer and Katherine Wilson for setting records. Of course it's been great having you all.

See you next year.

  1. Anthony Jackson 4:48 (PB remains 4:37)
  2. Connor Kissane-Wood 4:57 (1st timer)
  3. Neil Reissland 5:04 (1st timer)
  4. Sathira Don 5:09 (PB remains 4:58)
  5. Harry Matthews 5:35 (PB remains 5:17)
  6. Ciaran Murphy 5:39 (PB remains 5:27)
  7. John Woods 5:45 (PB remains 5:41)
  8. Hayden Matthews 6:06 (PB remains 5:51)
  9. Rue Turner 6:19 (PB remains 6:08)
  10. Cat Gaskell 6:36 PB
  11. Jonathan Pegg 6:58  (PB remains 6:31)
  12. Donna Richards 7:32 (PB remains 6:32)
  13. Douglas Josham 7:34 PB

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  1. I think in an earlier posting you were musing about something to do over the winter. Did you manage to come up with anything or have you put those thoughts to bed? Perhaps there could be a 1k run on the parallel grass to Chestnut Avenue. I'd imagine that once it goes dark before 6 p.m not many would be around so what about a Sunday noon show (after the long run)? Of course these are just top of the head thoughts and not firmed up in anyway. They are only suggestions for you to take on board or not as is your prerogative. Thanks for a great year. I only hope that I'm better prepared by next May.