Wednesday, 25 July 2012


It was a corker of a sunny day. The evening was always going to be a great one. I had been running quite well of late and thought to myself "The Mile isn't on for a couple of weeks after tonight, so may as well make the most of this opportunity and run the event". I decided to run the Arethusa Mile for only the second time in it's brief history. I wanted to see where I was at, especially to lay down a marker for the Marathon Talk Magic Mile coming up in early September. In fact, it's the 5th September, see here

So, with another mass swelling of runner numbers thanks to the guys at Thames Turbo Triathlon and thanks especially to Roger Barr for the promotion of this Mile, we had our largest turnout to date.
I roped in the spectating Carl Moran and Ciaran Murphy to do the timing and "funnel management" and on the shout of "Go" from Carl all 31 runners set off in one big wave up Chestnut Avenue toward the Arethusa Fountain.

Thanks to Stewart Rose's wife for taking names down and thanks to the volunteers as always. Apologies to all the runners, there was a slight blip with the timing this week and I certainly need to get some finish tokens. Otherwise it will start to encroach into the realms of logistical difficulty.
As with any blips, they are creases that can be ironed out and learned from. I hope to see many new faces back in the coming weeks after that there large sporting event in Stratford.

* If you know your time is incorrect, the spelling of your name is incorrect or of any other errors below please do email me at and I will rectify straight away.

  1. Danny Norman 4:49 PB
  2. Andrew Rendall 4:57 (1st timer)
  3. Roger Barr 4:58 PB
  4. Stewart Curtis 5:03 (1st timer)
  5. Harry McCulloch 5:04 (PB remains 4:58)
  6. Nick Bagot TBC
  7. Michael Gilkes TBC
  8. Thomas Smith 5:29 (1st timer)
  9. Dave Wilson 5:30 (PB remains 5:16)
  10. Rob Marlow 5:38 (1st timer)
  11. Rob Jones 5:42 PB
  12. Ian Haylock 5:43 (PB remains 5:38)
  13. Nick Rowe 5:45 PB
  14. Stefan Hopper 5:47 (PB remains 5:47)
  15. Cristiano Bonato 5:50 (PB remains 5:37)
  16. Jed Leicester 5:51 PB
  17. Andy Wingate 5:55 (PB remains 5:48)
  18. Zach Johnson 5:57 (1st timer)
  19. Stewart Rose 5:57 (PB remains 5:48)
  20. Ryan Moran 6:02 (PB remains 5:41)
  21. Michael Moran 6:03 (PB remains 5:49)
  22. Rohan Cooray 6:04 (1st timer)
  23. Janet Livesey 6:09 (1st timer)
  24. Mel Avery 6:09 (1st timer)
  25. Tim Wood 6:20 PB
  26. Rue Turner 6:22 (PB remains 6:08)
  27. Merilyn Davies 6:24 PB
  28. Matt Brooks 6:30 PB
  29. Donna Richards 6:36 (PB remains 6:32)
  30. Joe Wilson 7:25 (PB remains 6:45)
  31. Dianne Sinclair 7:28 (1st timer)

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  1. Excellent running Mr Norman. Hope you can reproduce it at the very least come September 5th for Team UK. Big up to the volunteers as ever.