Wednesday, 4 July 2012


A big turnout tonight! A few more than I expected, but all were welcome nonetheless! I think Thames Turbo (and notably Roger Barr) was to blame for bringing a whole set of new faces to try their luck at a swift mile around the Fountain. We also had a friendly face/visitor from the other side of the planet too.
Muggy, warm conditions with plenty of bugs in the air to pester us whilst standing or running, but also PB's a plenty it seems.
We also had two 'Waves' this evening due to Donna Richards getting caught up in the Nonsuch Relays which were also happening tonight.

Thanks to Ciaran Murphy for taking the times down, Jo S-H for supporting and Carl Moran for giving out times at halfway.

You can now follow the Arethusa Mile on Twitter here - where I'll post when the results are up or notify of any start time changes.
Facebook 'Fan' page is here too.

  1. Sathira Don 4:59 PB
  2. Roger Barr 5:03 (1st timer)
  3. Rory Spicer 5:15 PB
  4. Harry Matthews 5:17 PB
  5. Paul Sinton-Hewitt 5:22 PB
  6. Matt Smith 5:27 (PB remains 5:09)
  7. Ian Haylock 5:38 PB
  8. Cristiano Bonato 5:43 (PB remains 5:37) 
  9. Rob Jones 5:44 (1st timer)
  10. Richard McChesney 5:46 (1st timer)
  11. Andy Wingate 5:48 PB
  12. Jin Jhooti 5:57 (PB remains 5:42)
  13. Hayden Matthews 6:01 (PB remains 5:53)
  14. David Tyas 6:03 PB
  15. Michael Holden 6:25 (1st timer)
  16. Tim Wood 6:27 (1st timer)
  17. Matt Brooks 6:38 (1st timer)
  18. Chris Morgan 7:02 (1st timer)
  19. Kirsty Bangham 7:11 (PB remains 7:02)
  20. Neil Frame 7:19 (1st timer)
  21. Meredith Kendall 7:28 (PB remains 7:17) 
  22. Emma Wingate 8:16 (PB remains 8:14)
Wave 2
  1. Donna Richards 6:41 (PB remains 6:32)

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