Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Wingate Worsts?! Not the most positive way to intro tonight's run report, but we were all shocked. Very shocked! Next week I'm sure we'll see them get right back on top form. Emma's excuse was she'd been cycling, swimming, probably ironing and Andy, well, no excuse really.
It seemed like most people either had a bit of an off day or ran huge PBs. Kirsty Bangham and Joe Wilson dragged each other round to hit the heady heights of a sub-7 minute mile for the first time.
Meanwhile Jed Leicester set the bar higher for friend and rival Rue Turner with a 10 second PB.
Thanks to Ben Gibbons for name collecting and Carl Moran for halfway time checking.

* A reminder that next week is the last run before the Olympic break, that's the 1st and 8th August, no Arethusa Mile. Back on the 15th.

  1. Sathira Don 5:02 (PB remains 4:59)
  2. Jack Moran 5:20 (PB remains 5:20)
  3. Harry Matthews 5:21 (PB remains 5:17)
  4. Rory Spicer 5:30 (PB remains 5:15)
  5. Dave Wilson 5:42 (PB remains 5:16)
  6. Ian Haylock 5:50 (PB remains 5:38)
  7. Cristiano Bonato 5:54 (PB remains 5:37)
  8. Hayden Matthews 5:58 (PB remains 5:53)
  9. Stewart Rose 5:59 (PB remains 5:48)
  10. Jed Leicester 6:02 PB
  11. Andy Wingate 6:09 (PB remains 5:48)
  12. Rue Turner 6:12 (PB remains 6:08)
  13. Merilyn Davies 6:35 (1st timer)
  14. Joe Wilson 6:45 PB
  15. Donna Richards 6:48 (PB remains 6:32)
  16. Kirsty Bangham 6:55 PB
  17. Emma Wingate 8:52 (PB remains 8:14)


  1. Think you'll find I was a whole 2 seconds away from my PW.

  2. Nice write up Danny, well maybe not for A&E! We'll all come back stronger next true Olympians. ;-)