Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Compared to the moody, dark skies of last week it was if we had jumped back in time to the sunnier side of summer this evening. This also heralded perfect running conditions; no wind, dry road and a larger turnout to help people push that extra bit harder.

With the no show of Cristiano Bonato we only have one 'Ever Present' left in the shape of Andy Wingate. Let's see if he can tackle the coming winter weeks with as much verve when it comes to attending.

Thanks must go out to Paul Graham for being grabbed from his run to selflessly pace Emma Wingate round for her first ever Mile, and thanks to Ciaran Murphy for volunteering once again.

Same time (7:15pm for 7:20-ish start), same place next week.

  1. Harry McCulloch 4:58 (1st timer)
  2. Matt Smith 5:10 PB
  3. Shane McDermott 5:17 (1st timer)
  4. David Rowe 5:18 PB
  5. James Russell 5:37 (PB remains 5:31)
  6. John Woods 5:42 PB
  7. Harry Matthews 5:52 PB
  8. Stewart Rose 5:54 (PB remains 5:50)
  9. Andy Wingate 5:55 (PB remains 5:54)
  10. Hayden Matthews 5:58 PB
  11. Emma Wingate 8:21 (1st timer)
  12. Paul Graham 8:21 (1st timer)

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