Wednesday, 21 September 2011


There was a backing track of stag roars at tonight's Mile showdown. Whilst the antlered beasts did battle over the does in the surrounds, our all male field did battle in a less lethal style by trying to show each other a clean pair of heels.
Ideal conditions meant a majority of PB's all set under the mystical ambient lighting from the setting sun and scattered clouds.

Andy Wingate kept up his 100% attendance record, Jo Kilkenny was our Dolly Dealer (but with no oversized playing cards, just a pad and pen instead) and Ciaran Murphy finally got to test his mettle over the course for the first time.

Next week - same place but at the earlier time of 7:00 meet for a 7:05-ish start.

  1. Matt Smith 5:09 PB 
  2. Shane McDermott 5:31 (PB remains 5:17)
  3. Ciaran Murphy 5:35 (1st timer)
  4. John Woods 5:41 PB
  5. Andy Wingate 5:49 PB
  6. Stewart Rose 5:51 (PB remains 5:50)
  7. Hayden Matthews 5:53 PB
  8. Harry Matthews 5:54 (PB remains 5:52)
  9. Ollie Upton 5:17* (PB remains 5:08)
* Late starter (90 seconds after start)

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