Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Tonight I took part in the mile for the first time - and I enjoyed the experience greatly. Race directing and volunteer duties were passed over to Heather Martingell and Kirsty Bangham, both of whom did a sterling job. Heather will be race director next week in my absence as I help Jo Kilkenny as part of her support crew with David Rowe on her Arch to Arc attempt. We all wished Jo the best of luck this evening.
The mile itself was an all male affair it seems! Come on ladies, we need more of you and all levels are needed/wanted!
Same time and place next week for all that are interested.


  1. Anthony Jackson 4:51 (1st timer) *COURSE RECORD*
  2. Danny Norman 5:13 (1st timer)
  3. Matt Smith 5:14 (PB remains 5:11)
  4. David Rowe 5:19 (1st timer)
  5. Grant Russell 5:31 PB
  6. James Russell 5:31 PB
  7. Cristiano Bonato 5:37 PB
  8. Clive Cheesman 5:42 PB
  9. John Woods 5:44 PB
  10. Stewart Rose 5:50 PB
  11. Chris Wyatt 5:52 PB
  12. Andy Wingate 5:54 PB
  13. Harry Matthews 5:54 PB
  14. Hayden Matthews 6:05 (PB remains 5:59)
  15. Peter Smith 6:21 (1st timer)

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