Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Day Before

At the time of writing, tomorrow is Wednesday 10th August. It is to be the day of the Arethusa Mile.

Last night, Monday 8th August I was in Bushy Park overseeing a very small test mile. It turned out to be invaluable just to see a couple of tweaks I need to make to the original plans.

Firstly, the most apparent thing is the amount of cars on the road when I plan to start the first mile. At 7:30pm it seemed to me to be slightly too busy. However, as the gates began to shut toward 8pm the roads began to get very quiet. I set off two guinea pigs, James and Andy at around 7:50pm and the pair whooshed round the set course. I think one car was on the road, and maybe a couple of cyclists. They managed to get round safely and with no hassle. I then tested the route personally, and I ended up going around three separate times, and not once did a car go past me. I felt like I had total reign over the road. Apart from the imposing gang of Canadian geese that were waddling around at one point, the roads were clear. I'm not sure if the geese flew off later to try and loot a Cavan Bakery for the bread.

Dependent on numbers turning up on the night, I'd like to start the miles nearer 8pm than 7:30pm, purely from a safety and space point of view, and there is plenty of light to be had for quite some time before sundown.

I just need to reiterate that tomorrow it is an informal affair above all else. We are there to run a quick mile, but there are no prizes for first place and your own safety should be your paramount importance. Weather dependent it should be a pleasant night and a decent workout for each of you taking part.

Bring a watch or Garmin with you, bring warm clothing for afterwards, in fact bring anything you feel you may need or feel may contribute to the running of the event.

David Rowe tested his on bike camera last night recording us going around the course. If you want to photograph the event, feel free. Want to just watch the runners? You can do that too.

If you are coming by car, remember the gates are closing at 8pm. Park outside and jog in, or cycle there.

I will make a pre-run announcement to clarify smaller basic matters to people before they start and hopefully everyone enjoys the mile and comes away with a time they are happy with.

I'll see you tomorrow bright eyed and Bushy tailed.

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