Thursday, 25 August 2011


I was a little late turning up for the start of this evening's mile. I squoze in a mildly long run straight after work and hoped to have enough time to get showered, changed and up at the start all in good time. I failed as I arrived at just after 7:50pm. I was confronted, and rightly so, by a restless and fast growing impatient group of runners. I apologised and apologise once again for this tardiness.
However, the weather was almost perfect by the time we started and the road totally clear. We welcomed new and ever present faces alike. Hope you enjoyed it as always.
Next week, same time and place, and I won't be late!

  1. Sean Paynter 4:57 PB *COURSE RECORD*
  2. Dave Wilson 5:16 PB
  3. Roy Reeder 5:27 (1st timer)
  4. Cristiano Bonato 5:43 (PB remains 5:42)
  5. James Russell 5:45 PB
  6. Stewart Rose 5:52 PB
  7. Clive Cheesman 5:56 (1st timer)
  8. Andy Wingate 6:01 (PB remains 5:59)
  9. Harry Matthews 6:02 (1st timer)
  10. Martin Stockholm 6:03 (1st timer)
  11. Hayden Matthews 6:04 (PB remains 5:59)
  12. Heather Martingell 6:53 (1st timer)
  13. Kirsty Bangham 7:09 PB

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