Thursday, 7 June 2012


A cracking evening with a whole host of speed and joviality. The course record was broken twice, meaning sadly for Ben Gibbons the week he broke it Anthony Jackson turned up and broke it too by a bit more. A bit male heavy in running attendance, which is not a bad thing, but come on ladies, come and get your Mile on! Great to have a few spectators along too! As always word of mouth is what we want you to use to keep this event going, so the more the merrier - of any age, gender or ability.
Current start time: 20:45-21:00.

  1. Anthony Jackson 4:37 *COURSE RECORD*
  2. Ben Gibbons 4:50 (1st timer)
  3. Sathira Don 5:06 (1st timer)
  4. Matt Smith 5:14 (PB remains 5:09)
  5. Harry Matthews 5:21 PB
  6. Grant Russell 5:23 PB
  7. Dave Wilson 5:35 (PB remains 5:16)
  8. Jin Jhooti 5:49 (1st timer)
  9. Ryan Moran 5:53 (1st timer)
  10. Andy Wingate 6:01 (PB remains 5:49) 
  11. Michael Moran 6:04 (1st timer)
  12. Hayden Matthews 6:06  (PB remains 5:53)
  13. Rue Turner 6:17 PB
  14. Chris 'Crispy' Wright 6:23 (1st timer)
  15. Joe Wilson 7:22 (PB remains 7:12)
  16. Kirsty Bangham 7:35 (PB remains 7:04)

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